On a breath-takingly huge area, KG Fitness features a never-seen-before world of fitness that is bound to transform your perception of a fitness hub.

For the first ever time, the country has an establishment that is impossible to compare anything to.Our facility is divided in 3 major sections: KG Classic, KG Premium & KG Cross-Training.



Group EX stands for Group Exercise (EX as in Exercise). At KG Fitness, Group EX consists of members coming together in classes led by experienced, certified instructors. We have created programs where exercise and music are put together in a structured manner. This ensures a safe and fun filled way of working out. Group EX is usually a one hour program conducted 6 days a week, at various time during the day which gives flexibility to members to choose the time of their convenience. We have the kickboxing, poweryoga, bootcamps, combat training and many more.